Winter Botswana Safari

The winter season is Botswana’s dry season and also the perfect time for a safari holiday, especially in the Chobe National Park. A winter Botswana safari offers travellers the opportunity to see much more of Africa’s wildlife than they would during the summer.

During the winter, there are fewer shrubbery and bushes for the wild animals to conceal them from travellers’ eyes. Furthermore, the Chobe National Park is renowned for the Chobe river, an important water source for the African animals, that makes its way through this national park. As winter is a dry period the wild animals generally migrate to the Chobe Riverfront for water supply, providing our safari guides the ideal opportunity to take our Camp Kuzuma guests on a wildlife safari of a lifetime. According to Botswana Tourism one can see up to 15 different African wildlife species during this time.

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