Saving the Elephant

Camp Kuzuma is situated in one of the busiest elephant corridors in the world. This means that elephants are regularly encountered at our luxury lodge. We love this and we love to share this magical experience with our guests.

However, it is a great tragedy that the lives of elephants are threatened by humans. Illegal ivory trade is as bad as ever, if not worse and it appears that not everyone is behind the plan to put a stop to it. According to an article on Avaaz the European Commission has disapproved African governments’ call to a global ban on ivory trade. Many believe that this is a death sentence for elephants and that if things continue this way that our future generations will one day only know elephants from story and picture books.

On Avaaz the public can sign a petition to support the global banning of ivory trade and protect the elephants. With a key global summit on its way they are more desperate than ever to get the support from the public and strong countries like France and Germany to get the ban on ivory trade.

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