Kazuma Pan National Park

On the border between Zimbabwe and Botswana in Africa lies the Kazuma Pan National Park. An unspoilt wilderness known for its large numbers of buffalo (as many as 2 000) and elephant. The pure bushveld resembles the open savannah of East Africa in appearance and in the mass migrations of game from September to November.

The park was developed to be a refuge for the animals in the area during hunting season and stretches to 31 too hectares. The beautiful landscapes of open grassland, natural pans and small Mopane tree forests are home to a wide variety of game. You are likely to see lion, leopard, giraffe, zebra, antelope and more. The Kazuma Pans attract many birds making it a dream for any birdwatcher.

In order to protect the wildlife at Kazuma, there are visitor restrictions and the park is closed for the public during the wet seasons in January and February. After being proclaimed a National Park in 1949, Kazuma lost its status in 1964 after a lack of development, however, it was proclaimed again in 1975.

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