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Doria Watt writes a brilliant piece on her experience at Camp Kuzuma for the Sunday Times. Read the article here: Sunday Times Travel piece – August 13

Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

“Squirrel!” Many of you who have watched the animated movie Up will no doubt remember Dug, the talking dog, who had a somewhat
distracting obsession with squirrels. Midsentence he would suddenly freeze, point in the opposite direction and shout “Squirrel!” before resuming his conversation. On a recent trip to Camp Kuzuma – an intimate five-star lodge in Botswana’s picturesque Kazuma Forrest Reserve – I found myself constantly channelling this rodent-obsessed canine because the lodge and its surrounds have more than their fair share of these cute bushy-tailed creatures.

They dart along the wooden walkways that link the main lodge to its five sumptuous tented suites, they chatter in the trees
overlooking the nearby waterhole, and early in the mornings while still fast asleep in feather-soft king-sized beds, you will
likely be roused by the nimble scampering of little toes across the roof of your tent. One afternoon, after I had already dozed
off the rigours of the morning game drive and the extensive and delicious brunch that had awaited us back at camp, I snuggled up
in an armchair with a book which I had every intention of reading, except for the fact that the many little visitors that popped their distracting – and enchantingly so. In fact, as I languished in the Victorian-style bathtub that evening, I couldn’t help thinking that the only thing that would make my soak any better would be a squirrel sitting on the end of the bath to chat to…

This is a piece on Camp Kuzuma that was recently featured in the Slow magazine. Read the full articlehere

National Geographic Features Camp Kuzuma

This June National Geographic Traveller published a magical article about Camp Kuzuma on their website. Their article is full of praise for Kuzuma’s stylish camping experience.

Camp Kuzuma is based in the Chobe region of Botswana, situated near a waterhole. For this reason Camp Kuzuma is popular for the fact that “guests don’t even need to go out looking for the animals, because [the animals] come to them.” Furthermore, it is located in one of the “world’s busiest elephant corridor[s],” meaning that these majestic giants frequently migrate past Camp Kuzuma, providing guests with up close encounters with elephants.

This luxury African lodge offers campfire experiences, a swimming pool on the deck, spa treatments overlooking the wilderness and five star cuisine.

The camp is also situated relatively near other famous spots of interest, such as the Victoria Falls, Chobe River and the Zambezi. So, guests are provided with the perfect safari and travelling opportunities. Safari drives, bush walks and river cruises are all at hand for your luxury safari experience.

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A Luxury Destination in Africa

Camp Kuzuma is a true luxury destination in Africa. A blog article by Sun Destinations writes of Camp Kuzuma’s luxury accommodation, delectable cuisine, “sunsets and watering holes”.

This bush lodge offers its guests beautiful tented accommodation under the willowing Mopane trees. Then there is the deck with the “swimming pool overlooking a watering hole” where wild animals frequently gather – A magical site during an African sunset.

Sun Destinations also praises this African lodge’s cuisine, saying that one can expect “a tasteful combination of both sweet and savoury” during a high tea.

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Camp Kuzuma features in Sunday Times

On 29 May 2016 Camp Kuzuma Featured in the Sunday Times in an article by Claire Keeton. The article tells of Claire’s wonderful experience at our luxury bush camp and focusses especially on the memorable elephant encounters.

Camp Kuzuma can offer its a guests a truly unique elephant experience as “elephants reign supreme in northen Botswana”. Kuzuma also supports Elephants Without Borders, a wildlife organisation that plays a big role in the conservation of Botswana’s wildlife, especially the African elephant. Our African lodge also offers safari experiences from the luxury of the lodge’s deck or swimming pool, as “the waterhole in front of the camp in the Kuzuma Forest Reserve is a popular drinking hole [for wild animals],” especially during the dry season.

Claire also gives praise to some of Camp Kuzuma’s other safari activities, such as spotting a leapard and other wildlife creatures during game drives, taking part in a kudu-spitting contest as well as taking a safari river cruise on the Chobe river.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

Camp Kuzuma in Flamingo In-Flight Magazine

Recently Camp Kuzuma featured in Air Namibia’s Flamingo In-Flight Magazine. The article describes Camp Kuzuma’s luxury resort and the amazing activities and services offered. The article also informs its loyal readers of flight specials at Air Namibia for booked holidays at Camp Kuzuma.

Camp Kuzuma is a safari lodge ideal for luxury holidays. This 5 Star resort is situated in the pristine Kuzuma Forest reserve in the Chobe region of Botswana. The camp offers African safaris, outdoor spa facilities and bird watching activities too name a few. The luxury tents, gourmet meals and friendly staff all contribute to the relaxed, yet luxurious atmosphere at Camp Kuzuma.

Visits can be planned through luxury travel planners. See the article and special offer.