Chobe National Park

Renowned as one of the largest concentrations of game in Africa, the Chobe National Park attracts thousands of visitors yearly. The Park established 48 years ago in 1968 covers 11 700 km2 of woodland, swamps and floodplains.

The Chobe National Park is a must-visit throughout the year but the dry season is especially popular for tourists. From May to October a diversity of wildlife flock to the banks of the Chobe River to quench their thirst.

Home to an estimate of 50 000 African elephants you are also likely to see zebras, buffalo, lions, hyenas, a variety of buck including kudu, sable and waterbuck, and more. The birdlife is any birdwatcher’s dream with over 400 species soaring in the air of the Chobe Park.

The Chobe river is on our door step a mere one-hour beautiful game drive away. Experience the buzz and hype at the Chobe River with us and then relax and take it slower on a private boat cruise on the Chobe River. After a busy day of sightseeing and people all around you, we will sweep you away back to the tranquil Camp Kuzuma lodge.

Chobe Boat Cruises

Chobe boat cruises are a popular choice for sightseeing in Botswana. It offers tourists the chance to experience the Chobe National Park from a relaxing cruise on the river. For this reason Camp Kuzuma offers exciting sunset river cruises on the Chobe River.

The Chobe River is a hot spot for Botswana’s wildlife and it is not uncommon to see herds of African elephant and buffalo gathering near the river. Chobe National Park also states on their website that seeing African elephants cross the river to get to the islands as one of the highlights of such a river tour.

The river cruise also offers other exciting sightings such as hippos, crocodiles and African birds. The Chobe River offers you the ideal river safari.