Eco-friendly Accommodation

Conservation is a necessity and biodiversity is key to survival. When biodiversity is intact, species and eco-systems are resilient, enabling them to adapt to environmental changes. When biodiversity is lost, nature responds unpredictably.

That is why at Camp Kuzuma our aim is to minimise our carbon footprint and do our part to ensure we preserve nature. Camp Kuzuma has a GREEN+ Level Ecotourism Certificate issued by Botswana Tourism. To receive this second highest level or certification, we have to adhere to more than 240 standards encompassing environmental management, cultural resources protection and community development, socio-economic responsibilities and fundamental ecotourism criteria.

The electrical power is generated by an 30KW off grid Photo Voltaic installation supplying the camps total power by day and also storing the energy in batteries to carry the camp through the night. With the abundance of sunshine in Africa we are also able to use solar geysers to supply hot water to the camp. The natural plant life at Camp Kuzuma is carefully preserved by elevated wooden walkways that connect the 5 Luxury Tented Suites to the main guest areas. This is just a few things we do to ensure sustainable tourism at Camp Kuzuma.

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