Botswana’s Elephants Living Peacefully

If you are interested in having an elephant experience on your holiday then Botswana is the country to visit. Sightings of Botswana’s elephants is a regular occurrence as Botswana is renowned for their elephant population.

According to Siyabona Africa Botswana’s elephant population is quite stable at the moment. There are various reasons why these African elephants have been able to live safely within Botswana’s borders. One of these reasons, given by Siyabona Africa, is that Botswana has formed a military task force with the specific aim of guarding the wildlife against poachers.

Botswana serves to be an absolute safe haven for these majestic animals. As a result, a stay at Camp Kuzuma means regular elephant encounters. As the elephants migrate past the lodge and play in the nearby waterhole they’ll give you an elephant experience to always remember.