Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed

“Squirrel!” Many of you who have watched the animated movie Up will no doubt remember Dug, the talking dog, who had a somewhat
distracting obsession with squirrels. Midsentence he would suddenly freeze, point in the opposite direction and shout “Squirrel!” before resuming his conversation. On a recent trip to Camp Kuzuma – an intimate five-star lodge in Botswana’s picturesque Kazuma Forrest Reserve – I found myself constantly channelling this rodent-obsessed canine because the lodge and its surrounds have more than their fair share of these cute bushy-tailed creatures.

They dart along the wooden walkways that link the main lodge to its five sumptuous tented suites, they chatter in the trees
overlooking the nearby waterhole, and early in the mornings while still fast asleep in feather-soft king-sized beds, you will
likely be roused by the nimble scampering of little toes across the roof of your tent. One afternoon, after I had already dozed
off the rigours of the morning game drive and the extensive and delicious brunch that had awaited us back at camp, I snuggled up
in an armchair with a book which I had every intention of reading, except for the fact that the many little visitors that popped their distracting – and enchantingly so. In fact, as I languished in the Victorian-style bathtub that evening, I couldn’t help thinking that the only thing that would make my soak any better would be a squirrel sitting on the end of the bath to chat to…

This is a piece on Camp Kuzuma that was recently featured in the Slow magazine. Read the full articlehere